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16th July 2014


Anonymous said: Do you get job offer at Riot Games?

Yep, I’m currently working there as a Fraud Investigator.  Kinda why I stopped writing, I guess.

26th April 2014

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Riot Xeno, on duty~

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7th April 2014


Beef & bacon pie, buttered carrots, and honey biscuits for the season 4 premier 

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30th March 2014

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"Hey 단풍, what’cha lookin’ at?"

Wild turkeys in my backyard today~

"Hey 단풍, what’cha lookin’ at?"

Wild turkeys in my backyard today~

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27th March 2014


Riot Interview pt. 2

TL;DR: I think I did really well, and the next step (should I get it) is an on-site interview in LA.

Today, I talked with the Director of Risk and Live Development for my second tier interview. It was pretty similar to the tier one interview, with questions more focused on how I would handle player-focused problems.

For example, I was asked how I would try to reduce chargebacks in a given region. He also asked how I would handle situations involving players who violated the ToS, and fraudulent websites that purport to sell RP.

There were more questions about how I had handled feedback in the past, and what my approach to giving my opinion in meetings and discussions was.

Finally, I was able to ask some questions. I really let myself go a bit and asked the questions I cared about, which I think resonated well. When they say that everyone at Riot is a gamer, it’s not a joke and every single person really takes play seriously. I asked about the salary range, if anyone at Riot played tabletop games (they have multiple nights a week) and if they had department League teams. They do, and have an internal competition thrice yearly called the Riot Rumble.

I asked for feedback at the end of the interview, and he said that he was very happy with what he heard and told me a little bit about the likely next step and when I can expect to hear from them. I’ll be sure to post more updates, so fingers crossed!

23rd March 2014


태현이~  Ocean City NJ

태현이~ Ocean City NJ

23rd March 2014


New Jersey

Just finishing up a week at home!

I was lucky enough to have my parents willing to host Tae Hyun for a few days, here on her spring break.  We had to spend more time than I would have liked just getting my driver’s license back, since mine had expired in Korea.

After that, we made it down to Ocean City, NJ~  Visited the beach and the boardwalk, we ate salt water taffy, fudge, and Manco’s pizza.  Last time I was there, I remember it being called Mack and Manco’s, but apparently they had a big fight and it’s all very hush hush.  The recipe’s unchanged though, and that’s what matters.  

Danpoong, my cat, made the trip home pretty peacefully - she wasn’t too stressed out, and managed to hold her bladder until the 26th hour of 27 hours of travel.  Now she’s getting used to my family and her new home, and likes to sleep in my bed and under boxes all around the house.  

My second tier interview with Riot is scheduled for next week, this time with the the director of risk management and live development.  I’m way less worried this time than I was before - I know I’m a good fit, and I’m really eager to show it to them through an interview.  There was a really interesting article on Reddit called “The Hard Realities of Working at Riot Games" that I read.  I’m pretty pumped that this is the worst they can throw at me - I’d love to eat, breath, sleep, play, work, and dream Riot, and that was one of the major points of the article.

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13th March 2014


More tri-colored breads! →

Things to do when I get home

5th March 2014

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"Rito pls:" My Skype Interview with Riot Games

Your experiences may vary considerably from mine, as I’m sure different recruiters and employees will have differing methods.  That said, this is my experience thus far.

I started by checking out the Riot Careers website, and while browsing through I found a position that I thought would suit me - Fraud Investigator.  I exceeded their stated requirements (degree and experience) and figured this would be a great fit at one of the best companies I could hope to work for.

My application process consisted of two parts - physical and digital.  I figured that a simple digital application wasn’t enough to grab anyone’s attention, and that Riot was a highly competitive arena to be hired in.  So in addition to my online application, I mailed them a package containing my resume, a cover letter, and a custom-painted Nintendo DS with Pokemon Fire Red, which I had hacked to contain references to my resume, Riot Games, and fraud-related things.

I sent the package around February 6th, and received a reply email on the 19th from a Riot recruiting coordinator.  She set me up with an interview with some people from my department over Skype about a week later.

This is a list of the interview questions, as best I remember them, in no particular order:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • So you play League of Legends, what’s your favorite role?
  • What’s your favorite champion?  Why?
  • What rank are you?
  • What’s one thing that you think Riot can improve on?
  • How do you think we can fix that problem?
  • What is your career goal?  If you could do anything in the world, right now, what would it be?
  • You have 2 years of experience in fraud, what can you bring to our team with that experience?
  • If you have a problem with a co-worker, what do you do about it?  For example, if you notice someone isn’t pulling their weight. ***
  • Have you ever had a problem with a boss or manager?  What did you do about it?
  • What other games do you play?
  • Tell me about your previous jobs [talking about fraud jobs].
  • You put a lot of effort and energy into your application - so why pick Riot?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why do you play League of Legends?

The whole thing took about 45 minutes over Skype, and consisted of me talking to 2 Rioters.  It was very relaxed, with a laid-back atmosphere.  I think I was perhaps a bit nervous, and I worry that it showed through, but I hope that’s to be expected and taken into consideration.  

I put an asterisk*** near the only question I know I botched.  At Riot, feedback is a gift.  My answer went like so: were it a small problem, I’d likely step up and ask if I could help, but for larger problems I’d talk to a supervisor.  I knew going in to the interview that Riot was a flat (rather than hierarchical) company, but it fled my brain when they asked that question.  I should have said that I would tell them flat out, but I had a brain fart.  It’s a big part of Riot culture, and one I’m actually looking forward to a lot, should I get the chance to join.

The day after the interview, I got an invitation to do an online test, the details of which I think it probably best not to talk about.  After this, we’ll see how things go!

Questions?  Leave an ask!

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4th March 2014


Just did my initial interview with Riot Games today. They said they’d likely get back to me within a week or so. So, now I’ve got that worry to consume my every waking moment from now on.

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